About Art Futures

By supporting Art Futures, art lovers are making art happen.


I Heart Your Work Art Futures is an artwork production platform that gives forward-thinking collectors and art lovers a unique opportunity to support the creative process of high-calibre artists, both emerging and established . Unlike the traditional art market, I Heart Your Work Art Futures do not go into production until a limited edition series is pre-sold.

By supporting Art Futures, art lovers are making art happen.

Putting their faith in an artist before the work is even created, buyers of Art Futures support a new production model that gives leading artists greater creative freedom.

I Heart Your Work also offers art buyers the opportunity to participate in the actual art production process.  Collectors will be invited to visit the artist in their studio while their “commissioned” edition is being created.  This means that buyers of art futures don’t just purchase an art work, they purchase a share in the artistic process, of which the art work is merely the final result.

I Heart Your Work collaborates with each selected artist on a one-time basis to ensure an exceptional experience for both the artist and art buyer.   This is an opportunity for collectors to purchase work by playing a different role in the art market, investing in and enabling the production of a unique limited edition artwork, by an artist whose work they love. Each edition is numbered and signed by the artist, is ready for display and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

I Heart Your Work launched Art Futures in 2014 with Luis Jacob.  We have Art Futures concepts developed with Brendan Fernandes, Katie Bethune-Leamen, Annie MacDonell  and Max Streicher (see Current Futures) and will soon be announcing concepts with our Future Futures artists coming up next: Abbas Akhavan and Maxwell Stephens.