Participating in the ‘ I Heart Your Work Futures’ initiative has been fantastic. Not only is it a unique and accessible opportunity to own a world class piece of art, but Rebecca engages you in the creative process throughout. We have participated twice so far and on both occasions, we were presented with the rare opportunity to interact with the Artists themselves and to hear and experience the influence and creativity that go into each piece. This interaction provided us with a intimate level of understanding and appreciation for the art that now graces our home. Through IHYW, Rebecca is creating a dynamic community of engaged art patrons with leading artists and we eagerly await future “Futures”.
— I Heart Your Work patrons and art lovers, SJ and PK

Luis Jacob's Veronica, in an art lover's home
Luis Jacob’s Veronica, in an art lover’s home

Collectors of I Heart Your Work Art Futures are art lovers who are investing in exciting artists and taking part in art production; what they purchase is not just the artwork but a share in the artistic process, of which the artwork is merely the end result.

Buyers who love an artist’s past work and concept will pay a deposit* of 25% of the edition price in order to secure ownership of an I Heart Your Work Art Future by their selected artist.

Once the full I Heart Your Work Art Future edition has been committed to buyers paying this deposit, the artwork will move into production. Deposits for the current Art Future can be paid easily and securely through Paypal, by clicking on the Buy Now button on the artist’s page, or by contacting us to pay by e-transfer or cheque.

Having invested in an artist’s work, collectors of I Heart Your Work are invited to visit the artist during the production of their Art Future. Before this studio visit, collectors will be required to pay the remainder of the price of the Future.

Once production is complete, collectors will be contacted to arrange delivery of their Art Future; shipping costs are calculated based on location and transport preferences of the collector, now owner of an exclusive brand new work – proof of their belief in, and patronage of, an artist whose work they love.

* 25% deposit is not refundable once the full edition has sold and the Art Future goes into production. However, if the full edition does not sell (i.e., the the Art Future does not attract a full complement of collectors), the artwork will not go into production and this deposit will be refunded in full.